Replacement Ultra Sound Probes


An ultra sound machine operates on the basis of sound waves that are higher in frequencies and therefore the human ear cannot be able to pick them, this is usually above 20 kHz. These sound waves are used to give an image of an object or an organ inside the body or can also be used to measure distance. The common use of this technology is in the hospital where it is also known as Sonogram. It is commonly used to scan fetal growth in the uterus, in the diagnostic of various body organs and in surgical procedures as a navigator mechanism.

Parts of an Ultra Sound Machine

The Transducer probe: This is the probe that collects and sends the sound waves during the scanning process.

Transducer pulse controls: This regulates the amplitude, time and frequency of the pulses released from the probes.

CPU: This computes and provides the electrical energy for the whole system and for the probes.

Display: This manifests the image created by the waves after they have been computed in the CPU.

Storage: Stores the images that have been generated.

Printer: it is used to print out the images as displayed.

How an Ultra Sound Scan Works

The transducer probe emits the sound waves and they are echoed back where, the transducer again collects the echoes and they are conveyed to the CPU for computerization. The mechanism of how the transducer probe works is by piezoelectric effects principle, where the sound waves are generated by way of applying electrical current on piezoelectric crystals. These crystals undergo a sudden change in shape and resonate thus producing sound waves that are emitted outwardly, consequently the echoes sound waves hit the crystals producing yet another bout of electrical current.

The transducer probes vary in sizes and shape based on where they are being used, for example, there are those that are used on the external skin surfaces, those used in the internal sonography and those used in endoscopic scanning. This is determined majorly by the size of sound waves frequency required and the image resolution.


The transducer probe has therefore been seen to be an essential part of the Ultra sound machine, this, therefore, means maintenance and frequent replacement is required to ensure proper functioning of the machine. With the popularity of this scan being the safest of all the scanning procedure, the proper diagnosis would only be realized if the machine is working correctly.